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Creatinine is 6 with Chronic Nephritis What Treatment is Given

2014-07-29 07:45

My uncle is a patient with Chronic Nephritis and creatinine 6, what treatment should be given ? This is a question i received from one patient’s nephew, i know it is concerned lots os people including the patients and the people around them. Let us have a look the answer together.

High creatinine level is one of the symptoms induced by Chronic Nephritis, if ou want to lower it, you need to cure the disease first. Usually, after patient’s creatinine level up to 6, doctors will recommend dialysis. But for this cure method can not cure the disease from its root, it is just decrease the high level in a short time, then it will back again if you stop dialysis, what’s worse, it will make your disease worse,finally the kidney function will lost totally. So dialysis is the common but not the best therapy for patients who are suffering from Chronic Nephritis and creatinine 6.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothrapy as a new cure method has remarkable effect in curing Chronic Nephritis, it can lower the high creatinine level naturally that is mean patients can have a low creatinine level without suffer unnecessary pain. It is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese Medicine and modern high technology, with the help of it, patients can have a quality life.

From the above informations, we know that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy should be given to the patient with Chronic Nephritis and creatinine 6. It can help to lower the high creatinine level naturally, what’s more, it can repair the damaged renal tissues and protect the remaining kidney function and make your disease goes well. If you want to know more informations about it, you can consult our online doctors for free or email us. Our email:

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