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The Bad Habit Can Cause The Renal Failure

2018-07-22 09:57

Many bad habits can hurt the kidney, but they have not attracted much attention. When renal failure is discovered during the examination, such questions can always be heard. Why is there no symptoms at all? Why did I suddenly get the kidney problem?

First, the diet is too salty. The world health organization recommends that the daily amount of salt should not exceed 6g, but many people eat much more than this and eat too salty. Hypertension can be induced , and those who with hypertension will have blood pressure higher and more difficult to control. Salt can increase the burden on the kidney, causing sodium and water retention, and the damage of hypertension to the kidney is even more deadly. With the passage of time, it will develop into hypertensive nephropathy and chronic renal failure. Therefore, it the kidney is not good you must control its blood pressure within 130 / 80.

Second, the rise in blood sugar is ignored. Does the high blood sugar have any effect on health? Of course. An important complication of Diabetes is diabetic nephropathy, which begins with proteinuria, followed by chronic renal failure, renal insufficiency, and eventually develops into uremia.Therefore, it is necessary not only to eat too sweet and too greasy, but also to control fasting blood glucose within 7.2 mmol / l.

Thirdly, eating health care products indiscriminately, many people always feel that they are short of what they need, and they always think about eating some health care products to make up for it. But is it really good for the kidney to eat so many health care products? In fact, it is not only forbidden to eat health care products at random, but also to take various tonics at random.

Fourthly, smoking can really hurt the kidney. Smoking can directly affect renal hemodynamics. Nicotine can cause increased glomerular filtration rate and increased urine volume, and this increased filtration rate can accelerate the deterioration of chronic renal diseases. At the same time, smoking can change renal tubular function and impair renal tubular transport function. Therefore, if your kidney is not good, please give up smoking in time.

Then in our daily life we must pay attention to these bad habits and once we find something wrong with our kidney we must see a professional kidney doctor and accept the reasonable treatment ,at present the systemic natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be more effective to kidney disease, if you want to know more about that please contact us through following:


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