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Is It Possible To Cure the Glomerulonephritis?

2018-07-17 10:22

When you have kidney disease the first thing you eagerly want to know is that what is the best treatment and when you can recover again to the normal life,but more and more kidney patients are disappointed and lose their confidence for the treatment. For there are many reasons for the kidney problems in life, and more factors affect the treatment effect.

Most of the cases of chronic kidney disease are difficult to cure in a few months, such as glomeruloNephritis, which generally takes two to five years to determine whether or not to be cured.

Some patients with chronic kidney disease believe that after a few years, they will become a lifelong dialysis patient with uremia.

There are many causes of chronic kidney disease.

In our country, although diabetic nephropathy, high blood pressure, kidney disease, gouty nephropathy, such as metabolism related kidney disease is increasing, but the chronic glomerulonephritis accounted for a large proportion of the chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The development of chronic nephritis is chronic renal failure, uremia often requires a long process to accept the treatment and medical care.

Is kidney disease an incurable disease?

Even the most poor prognosis, through aggressive treatment, can slow progress of kidney condition.But the important thing is to improve the kidney function to get better effect.

As long as we actively cooperate with nephrologist and maintain proper diet control and monitoring of disease, we can significantly delay the deterioration of renal function.

In normal people between the ages of 65 and 70, kidney cells also naturally apoptosis to renal insufficiency. So the patients in the inflammatory period are well protected, as prescribed by the doctor, and it is entirely possible to keep the kidney function at a normal level for a long time.

In some young patients, patients with inflammatory stage nephropathy persist in standardized treatment and scientific nursing. The key point is to adopt the reasonable treatment in time ,then it has great opportunity for them to restore their kidney function and live the normal life again. The western medicine therapy can not help them reach the recovery ,but the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been researched for many years by the kidney experts and can help patients repair the damaged kidney cells ,promote the blood circulation and restore the renal function at last, then if you want to get better treatment please consult us through the following message:


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