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Why Stage 3 is a Vital Stage in Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-10-10 17:23

Chronic Kidney Disease,Stage 3 Kidney Disease,Kidney diseaseWhy stage 3 is a vital stage in chronic kidney disease ? In clinic, chronic kidney disease will experience a long time to fall into the last stage so people have enough time to prevent the progression of this disease. Before the disease get into stage 3, some of the patients even have no obvious symptoms, so most of people will found their disease in stage 3.

Why many people can not find their disease until it get into stage 3 ?

You know kidneys have strong compensative capacity, so many people will not feel any different until their kidney function down to 50%, that is to say once patient found their disease, the kidneys have been damaged more than 50%. In stage 3 the kidney function is lower than 60% and many symptoms and complications will occurred in this stage one by one, so it is a very vital stage.

What should stage 3 kidney disease patients do ?

In stage 3 most of the kidney tissues are damaged but not necrosis, so for patients who are in this stage they still have a chance to reverse their disease by repairing those damaged kidney tissues.

The first thing patients should do is to make a diet plan according to their own condition, you know diet plays an important role in treating kidney disease, it is helpful for relieving the kidneys’ workload and increasing the curative effect.

Then, patients should to take a systematic treatment which is also the key point to reverse the kidney disease. As long as the patient can take the proper treatment timely, they may live a normal life, at least, they can enjoy a quality life without dialysis.

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