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What Is the Appropriate Advice Of Antibiotics For the Kidney Patients

2018-07-04 10:27

Antibiotics keep our health, but some studies have found that improper use of antibiotics can induce renal failure. let’s discover it together. Will over dose of antibiotics cause renal failure

Colds, loose bowels, and so on can make many people use antibiotics, but most people do not know that improper use of antibiotics is also a ” hastening of death”, so it should not be underestimated. So, can antibiotics cause renal failure? ..

After research, the death rate from bacterial infection was very high before antibiotics were found. After the discovery of antibiotics, the death rate from bacterial infection continued to decline. However, since the 1980s, the death rate from bacterial infection has gradually increased, especially in the past ten years. A national survey shows that the drug resistance rate has reached 70 %, what is more frightening is multi-drug resistance and general resistance.

The more serious the abuse of antibiotics is, the more difficult it will be to develop. The longer it will take, and the faster the drug-resistant bacteria will develop than the new antibiotics. in the long run, there will be a post-era of anti-bacterial drugs – disease and no drugs available. Therefore, everyone should be cautious about the use of antibiotics, especially for patients with kidney disease.For the kidney patients often catch a cold or other disease and then they need antibiotics to eliminate the inflammation and resist the virus and bacteria, but as the time goes by more and more disease can not be controlled by the antibiotics and lead to more side effect to patients, then i suggest the kidney patients better adopt the natural treatment to avoid the side effect and get the good treatment effect , the kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have researched it for many years and have helped more kidney patients, if you are interested in it please contact us through the following message:


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