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Why Are Women Easy To Get The Nephritis

2018-08-13 09:47

Nowadays more and more people are getting nephritis for the bad life habits,but so many women occupy the large parts of patients,we must research the reason why women are easy to get the nephritis. In fact, there are many reasons why women suffer from nephritis, including their own physiological characteristics, emotions, living habits, and so on. ” Due to physiological reasons, women’s immunity is always worse than men’s.

As we all know, immunity is a natural barrier to protect our health. If immunity is destroyed, some diseases will invade the organs of the human body and kidney may be damaged as a result. In modern times, ” female friends should be alert to kidney disease. Compared with men, women are more likely to have nephritis. ” .. Now the onset of nephritis has gradually begun to be younger, and the number of women is large. However, from a general point of view, many women think that women are more likely to suffer from kidney deficiency, but they are not serious enough to suffer from nephritis. Those who suffer from nephritis are all older. A woman whose body is beginning to decline.

In society, women are no less under pressure than men: Work, family, interpersonal relationships, etc. many women postpone giving birth for their livelihood. The long and intense pressure has caused many women to be exhausted physically and mentally. They are struggling between the workplace and the family. This feeling of fatigue will make women’s immunity decline. Poor appetite and sleep quality, insufficient renal blood flow, resulting in kidney damage, which may lead to nephritis.

To the young girls they are always ignoring their kidney conditions for their high life quality,but they don’t know without reasonable treatment and good life habit their kidney condition will never become better naturally, because of negligence, the white-collar girls always think that their health is getting better quickly, and as a result, the disease without treatment become nephritis. Judging from the clinical data of acute and chronic nephritis patients, about 70 % of nephrotic patients are related to long-term overwork. Overwork is one of the important causes of nephritis.

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