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What Is The Reason Of Chronic Renal Failure In Traditional Chinese Medicine

2018-08-22 09:12

To many kidney patients the chronic kidney failure is the common disease they often encounter in their life.Chronic renal failure belongs to the categories of ” obstruction and rejection”, ” retention of urine”, ” consumptive disease”, ” edema” and ” lumbago” in traditional Chinese medicine. It refers to the slow progressive renal function damage caused by various renal diseases. Finally, uremia and renal function were completely lost, resulting in a series of clinical symptoms and a series of clinical syndromes composed of metabolic disorders such as biochemical and endocrine disorders. From the onset of the primary disease to the onset of renal insufficiency, the interval may be several to more than ten years. Chronic renal failure is a serious stage of renal insufficiency. According to the degree of renal function damage, renal insufficiency can be divided into four phases, i.e., renal function compensation phase, azotemia phase, renal failure – early stage of uremia, and end stage of renal failure – late stage of uremia.

Patients with chronic renal failure are mostly deficient in spleen and kidney, and deficiency in spleen and kidney is the main cause of phlegm and blood stasis. When the spleen loses its distribution, it cannot ” ascend and clear up”, when the kidney loses its control, it cannot ” secrete turbidity”. therefore, wet turbidity or phlegm dampness are hold inside the body, and condenses into phlegm. Chest distress, epigastric fullness, anorexia, aversion to vomiting, heavy drowsiness, and even coma with chronic kidney disease patients are all manifestations of damp turbidity or phlegm disease dampness.

Patients with chronic renal failure have a long course of disease, which may cause blood stasis due to qi deficiency of spleen and kidney, or spleen and kidney fire deficiency, blood stasis due to lack of warming, or blood stasis due to yin deficiency, or phlegm obstruction due to dampness. Stagnation of qi causes stasis. Therefore, the syndrome of blood stasis in patients with chronic renal failure is extremely common. The symptoms are usually dark or dark complexion, malocclusion of skin, numbness of limbs, localized fixed pain, purple or dark tongue with blood stasis and ecchymosis. Sublingual varicose veins, etc.

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