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The Common Reasons For Different Ages Of Patient's Kidney Disease

2018-11-19 10:07

To many kidney patients they are often suffering from it and they are always confused about the reasons of kidney disease,that is the key point to be known for them,that is beneficial to accept the reasonable treatment,then as a kidney doctor i want to share the root causes of this disease with you as following.

1. Common disease to children: Micropathological nephropathy

Tiny lesions are more common in children than in the elderly. Young and middle-aged people are rare. The characteristic is very sensitive to hormone, urine protein is easy to drop down, but recurrence is frequent.

Causes of illness:

Outside bacterial viruses enter the human body through the nasal cavity, oral respiratory tract, urinary tract and skin, activating the immune system and releasing vascular permeability factors.

These vascular permeability factors can damage the renal capillaries, at which time the protein will pass through the blood vessels and enter the urine. A large number of proteins are excreted with urine to form proteinuria.

The main reason for this kidney disease is the invasion of bacteria and viruses from outside.

2. Common disease with young people: IgA nephropathy

This is the most common type of chronic glomeruloNephritis, most of which occurs in young people, accounting for nearly half of the primary chronic glomerulonephritis.

Causes of illness:

Our body is affected by respiratory tract infection, digestive tract infection and urinary system infection, resulting in a harmful substance called ” multimer IgA 1″.

This kind of harmful substance will also produce another kind of harmful substance: Complement IgG, which is deposited in the kidney, causes a large number of blood cells to leak out. Can be chracterasticed as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria.

The cause of this kidney disease is similar to that of minor lesions, but also due to the invasion of external bacteria.

From the comments above you can know more reasons about the kidney problems according to different ages of patients,but now more effective treatment can be chosen by patients,especially the natural treatment can do great effect to chronic kidney disease,if you are interested in this treatment please contact us through the following message:


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