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The Root Causes Of Membranous Nephropathy Should Be Cared

2018-11-19 10:57

To some patients in middle aged they often have membranous nephropathy ,why do they have this kind of disease ?as a kidney doctor i want to share something useful with you as following:Frequently – occurring diseases occur in middle-aged people and require combined treatment with hormones and immunosuppressants, and it takes a long time to improve.

Causes of illness:

There is a normal substance in our body, called phospholipase A2 receptor, which has undergone conformational changes after being attacked by heavy metal ions and excessive lipid and sugar, forming an abnormal phospholipase A2 receptor.

Abnormal phospholipase A2 receptor is the culprit of membranous nephropathy. It will destroy the structure of the kidney and cause nephropathy.

The main cause of this kidney disease is excessive intake of fat and sugar and excessive heavy metal ions in the body.

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