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The Common Reasons Of Membranous Nephropathy

2018-11-22 09:04

To most kidney patients they always know the membranous nephropathy is the difficult disease among other kidney disease,and it is occuring commonly among Middle – aged people: Membranous nephropathy

Frequently – occurring diseases occur in middle-aged people and require combined treatment with hormones and immunosuppressants, and it takes a long time to improve.

Causes of illness:

There is a normal substance in our body, called phospholipase A2 receptor, which has undergone conformational changes after being attacked by heavy metal ions and excessive lipid and sugar, forming an abnormal phospholipase A2 receptor.

Abnormal phospholipase A2 receptor is the culprit of membranous nephropathy.It can cause more immune complex deposit on the glomerular epithelial cells ,thus cause the lipid membrane which will embrace glomeruli and cause it hypoxia ,thus more and more inherent cells are damaged badly,gradually the kidney function will decrease and unable to discharge large amount toxins out of body,It will destroy the structure of the kidney and cause nephropathy.

Thus the internal circumstance is in imbalance and more problems may produce in your body,and the abnormal phospholipase A2 is hard to deal with,and once the lipid membrane occurs it is hard to eliminate them.that is the cause why the membranous nephropathy needs long time to treat,and few therapies can have effective treatment. Thus to western medicines there are always no new ways to restore the kidney function ,but more and more patients are beginning to accept the natural treatment to promote the kidney function through eliminating the more immune complex which deposit on the glomerular epithelial cells,and if you have any questions about the membranous nephropathy please contact us through the following:


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