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The Commone Causes Of Nephritis Are Important To Patients

2018-11-22 09:00 To most kidney patients when they know the kidney problems through the normal routine test they are often confused why they get the kidney disease,then as a kidney doctor i will explain some common causes of Nephritis to you,then you can avoid the further damage to your health.
1. Bacteria
Bacteria are one of the causes of nephritis. Bacterial infection is mainly related to infection of upper respiratory tract, skin, scarlet fever and other hemolytic streptococcus. Other bacterial infections such as staphylococcal infection, pneumococcal infection, typhoid bacillus, etc. The direct consequence of these bacterial infections is nephritis.
2. Virus infection
The virus infection is the most important cause of nephritis. The virus can directly invade the kidney tissue, and it is also the nephritis of immune complex caused by virus as antigen, influenza virus, mumps virus, hepatitis virus, measles virus, chickenpox virus, etc. All these will lead to nephritis.
3. Antibiotics
Long – term use of various antibiotics, tetracycline, skin hormone, etc. The accumulation of toxins may lead to nephritis.
4. Others
Some parasites, biological toxins, drugs, heavy metals, endogenous antigens, malignant tumors and benign tumors can also cause glomerulonephritis of different types. These causes of nephritis are common.Then after you have any questions about the nephritis please contact us through the following message:
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