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Can Renal Disease Patient with Swelling Eat Ham Sausage

2014-09-11 17:06

Can Renal Disease Patient with Swelling Eat Ham Sausage  It is known that diet is very important for patients with Kidney disease, they should pay special attention to it. As a renal patient with swelling, first they should control the intake of water, so as to prevent more serous swelling. Some people considered that ham sausage has no much water in ii so they can eat it, is that right ?

Ham sausage as a fast-eating foods is very popular among all kinds of people, including the patients. Due to its good taste, it can increase the appetite. In addition it has no much protein and water in it, so some patients choose it as their foods. Actually, it should not be list to the diet, that is because the high level of salt in it, which may aggravate the protein leakage and edema. So as a patient with renal disease and swelling they should not eat it, if they have to, they can have a little but never too much. Meanwhile, they should choose foods which can help to ease edema such as Chinese water.

Doctors said that diet plays an important role in curing the disease, when they make the diet plan, they should make it according to their own condition. For example, for patients with a large amount of protein leakage, they should eat some foods with protein to replenish the lost nutrition. But those plant proteins like beans may add work load to the kidney, so they should choose foods with high-quality protein like milk,chicken and fish.

So as a renal disease patient, you should have a fit diet plan. If you have any problems in making it, you can leave messages or email us. Our email:

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