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Can Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat Papaya

2013-09-26 15:32

Can Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat PapayaPatients with Chronic Kidney Disease are always faced with dilemma to eat many fruits as well as papaya. The various nutritions in fruits can meet patients’ body need, while high content of fluid, sugar, potassium, or some other substances make CKD patients have to stay away from some fruits.

Can patients with Chronic Kidney Disease eat papaya?

The answer depends on patients’ specific condition and the nutrient in papaya. First of all, papaya contains rich fluid, various amino acid, vitamin, etc, so correct consumption of papaya can bring kidney disease patients some benefits:

● Enhance immune system: With the progress of CKD, patients’ immunity becomes lower and lower. It is reported that the content of vitamin C in papaya is 46 times higher than in apple, so papaya can help boost patients’ immunity largely.

● Cleanse blood: When kidneys are damaged severely, they can’t purify blood normally by removing waste products and toxins from the body. Papaya is able to eliminate peroxide and other wastes from the blood so as to purify patients’ blood.

● Ease muscle cramps: Carpaine contained in papaya is honored as a natural medicine to ease muscle cramps as well as systremma.

● Prevent some disorders: Papaya also has effects of preventing high blood pressure, nephritis, constipation, and so on.

Does this mean all Chronic Kidney Disease patients can eat papaya?

Of course not. Because papaya is also rich in protease and phosphorus, it can prompt more protein breaks down in short time to increase the burden on kidneys and raise patients’ phosphorus level if kidneys can’t filter out extra phosphorus effectively. For this reason, some CKD patients may need to limit the intake of papaya. Besides, if patients have severe swelling or diarrhea, they should also stay away from papaya. Other attentions should be paid depended on patients’ specific condition.

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