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Kidney Nourrishing And Healthy Caring in Daily Life For Kidney Patients

2018-08-09 10:14

As to most people they often ignore the kidney nourishing in daily life ,then i will tell you the importance of nourishing and health care of kidney.The health of the kidney directly determines you are healthy or not. Many aging and diseases are closely related to the kidney. Therefore, one cannot treat all kinds of kidney deficiency lightly. If the corresponding conditioning treatment is not carried out in time, it will cause the occurrence and development of various chronic diseases and women will age faster. ” age and time” is by no means the reason why we age. For example, we often find that some 50 – year – olds even look younger, more energetic and healthier than those 40 – year – olds.

An important reason for people’s aging is – kidney deficiency!

The kidney is responsible for the functions of growth, development, reproduction, and metabolism of water and fluid. The kidney is ” the foundation of nature”. Kidney deficiency can cause dysfunction of zang-fu organs. Therefore, nourishing the kidney is the key point of anti-aging and anti – aging!

The main physiological function of the kidney is to store essence, mainly reproduce and grow, mainly water, mainly absorb qi, produce marrow, mainly bone, begin to understand in the ear, and its beauty is in the hair. If you lack of essence and blood, black hair is not growing. The rise and fall of kidney qi in the body can be revealed from the hair on the outside. ” kidney deficiency is the root of all diseases” and there is the saying ” chronic diseases hurt kidneys”. It can be seen that kidney deficiency caused by renal fatigue is the root cause of many of our diseases. The human body is an interrelated and restricted whole. Kidney deficiency can affect all organs of the whole body. Diseases in all systems of the whole body will cause kidney damage.

” if you want to live a long life, protect your kidneys.” Although the meaning of ” kidney” in traditional Chinese and western medicine is different, this sentence is applicable. If people can protect their kidneys and reduce the occurrence of kidney diseases, the overall life span of human beings will increase.

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