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The Medical Function and Nutrition Of Cucumber

2018-08-18 15:04

To most persons when they have something wrong they always firstly go to see a doctor and take some medicines to treat the disease,but if they can take care of their daily life especially the diet in advance ,then they can avoid many diseases and live the healthy life normally .For example :Cucumbers can relive edema and lower blood pressure

Cucumbers and watermelons are the most common of all kinds of vegetables, with the effect of removing heat, water and detoxification. Cucumbers are more widely available: obese people, people with liver disease, people with high uric acid, and diabetics.

Modern scientific research proves that the cucumber contains rich potassium and a certain number of carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sugar, protein and phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, still having good protection effect on the liver.

The medicinal value of cucumbers.

Cucumber sweet taste, cool nature, can clear blood to remove heat, detoxification and antiphlogistic. Its meat, skin, seedling, seed, root, rattan, flesh, ty, head are all available.

Cucumbers can relive edema and lower blood pressure

Cucumbers have obvious direct dilation vessels, slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which can be used to soak up water.

Cucumber leaves have the function of heat, phlegm, diuresis, dehumidification, slime and analgesia.

Cucumber contains a kind of substance, called "bitter taste". Although a bit bitter, but can improve the human body immunity function, has the antibacterial, the chemical poison, resist the effect of the tumour!

Cucumber juice can regulate blood pressure and prevent excessive strain of the heart muscle. A cup of cucumber juice daily can calm and strengthen the nervous system and enhance memory.

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