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Is Juicing Helpful in Improving the Kidney function

2014-01-04 06:36

Is Juicing Helpful in Improving the Kidney functionFor kidney disease patients, they have gradually reduced kidney function because of the kidney damage. What they need to do is to have some effective treatments to repair their kidney damage and improve their kidney function. Recently, patients are often recommended to take juicing to improve their kidney function, then is juicing helpful in improving the kidney function?

The answer is certainly yes, as juicing is quick absorption of minerals and enzymes which can help kidney patients to supply their nutrition, so juicing will be helpful in improving the kidney function. The normal kidney function can filter the wastes and toxins in blood, which will help regulate the normal function of the whole body. When the kidneys are damaged, patients will suffer from a reduced kidney function, and the body will be sick.

There are some common benefits of juicing for kidney patients.

Juicing with apples, parsley and watermelon can help people to improve their digestive system, as kidney patients often have the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. Juicing will be helpful to remit these symptoms. Besides, juicing can also flush the wastes and toxins in blood, which can help clear the blood.

Besides fruits, juicing can also add ginger into it, which has anti-inflammatory effects combined with raspberries and watermelons. Colling recipes will help reducing the inflammations which will cause kidney damage.

Celery juice can make people feel relaxation, and celery juice combined with parsley can help to evacuate the colon and help clear the blood.

Watermelon juice can help to clean the colon and kidneys, and it can also restore and purify the kidneys and liver.

Some other foods that will help kidneys to clear the blood include garlic, potatoes, asparagus, horseradish and cucumber. And some other fruits will be help for kidney function contain papaya, banana and cranberries, all these foods can be take as juicing.

Kidney patients should make the juices for immediate consumption, and make only what they will use immediately. Although juicing is good for improving the kidney function, but not all the patients are suitable for the varies kinds of juices, as the illness condition is different from case to case. Patients need to follow the advices of their doctors before they want to take juicing to improve their kidney function.

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