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Can I Reverse Kidney Disease and Come Off Dialysis

2014-11-03 16:42

Can I Reverse Kidney Disease and Come Off DialysisCan i reverse kidney disease and come off dialysis ? Frankly, that depend on your kidney disease condition, such as which stage you are in, how old you are, what kind of cure you are taking and so on. If you are the people in the early stage and get a proper treatment in time, you can reverse it and avoid dialysis.

As we mentioned above if you want to reverse your disease you need to get a fit treatment, that is the key point for the treatment of your disease. Usually, in the early stage people can not find the disease, because there is no obvious symptoms, so it is easy to miss the right cure time. After they find the disease, they are annoying to find a better therapy.

Usually, doctors will recommend hormonotherapy to people who are in the early stage, after the disease goes into advance stage, dialysis will be recommend before the patient take kidney transplant, which is the most effective cure to solve the kidney problem but not suitable for all the people.

In the past, it is impossible to reverse the disease, even you are in the early stage, the only thing people can do is to delay the progression of it. With the times going, a series of therapies invented based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, they bring new hope for the people who are struggling from kidney disease, the most famous are the Top Seven Treatment. For people who are in the early stage, they can reverse it with the help of them. For people who are taking dialysis, they can come off dialysis.

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