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GFR Decrease with Mild Kidney Damage How to Reverse It

2014-11-25 13:28

GFR Decrease with Mild Kidney Damage How to Reverse ItAs we all know GFR is one of the indicator of kidney function, GFR decline reflect the kidney is damaged in some degree. Then for people with decreased GFR and mild kidney damage how to reverse it ?

In fact, human’s tissues and cells have self-healing ability, so after they are damaged, they will begin to heal themself, but if they are damaged seriously, they will need help from medicine.

There are two ways to help this situation goes well, they are Western medicines and Chinese medicines, but they are different in treatment effects. In terms of western medicines, they brings obvious effects in helping to reduce sufferings, but some of them only focus on symptoms and can not treat chronic kidney failure from its underlying causes. Compared with Western Medicine, Chinese medicine show slow effects, but great effects in removing blood stasis, improving blood circulation and nourishing kidney tissues. In addition, those effective ingredients in Chinese medicines can activate injured kidney cells to strengthen their self-healing ability. With these functions, Chinese medicines help damaged glomeruli get recovery successfully and GFR increases.

With the help of Chinese Medicine, the GFR can be improved greatly and the kidney damage can be repaired gradually. So for people who are in the early stage, they have a chance to recover from it, as long as they can take the systematic treatment in time. For people who are in advanced stage of kidney disease, they also can live better and longer with timely treatment.

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