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Shrink Kidney and High Blood Pressure in Chronic Kidney Disease How to Treat It

2014-11-28 17:11

I have a friend, she is a Chronic Kidney Disease patient with shrink kidney and high blood pressure, and also her creatinine level is high. I want to know how to treat it. Then how to treat this disease ?

At present her right kidney already shrunk because the size of kidney became smaller, and her creatinine level is high as well as hemoglobin is low. It was renal failure lead to the shrink of kidneys as well as complications like: renal anemia, hypertension and disorder of electrolyte, such as low calcium and high phosphorus. Besides, cysts will continue to damage her renal function. All of the information show that her current condition already been severe. Because only at the end stage of kidney disease it will occur complications mainly with anemia, heart failure and high potassium, and all of those complications are very dangerous as they will threaten patient's life. When all of those complications happened, then the patient have to receive dialysis treatment.

Actually, there are lots of Chinese herbal medicine which have the function of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, eliminating toxins in body and repairing damaged renal tissues. Our hospital used to treat kidney disease by oral herbal medicine, osmotherapy, footbath as well as enema therapy. All of the patients got a good curative effect after the specific treatment. They can help her to stop the deteroration of her renal function.

On diet, she should eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, low-salt, low-fat, high-quality, and low-protein. She should avoid seafood, mushroom as well as nut(because it is rich in phosphorus). Avoid coffee and strong tea. For the meat it should be mainly with less chicken and water fish. Meanwhile she should avoid greasy and spicy food.

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