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I am in Stage 3 CKD with Swelling in My Foot will It be Cured

2014-11-30 16:37

I am in Stage 3 CKD with Swelling in My Foot will It be CuredI am in stage Chronic Kidney Disease and with swelling in my foot, will it be cured ? In fact, with proper and timely treatment, stage 3 CKD can be reversed, at least be controlled in this stage for a long period, so people can have a long and quality life.

Swelling as one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease is known by most of patient, but few people know the reasons. Then, why swelling occurred in kidney disease ?

In fact, all the symptoms occurred in kidney disease is due to kidney function decline. Under normal condition, our kidneys will discharge the extra fluid and wastes out of body. After it damaged, those fluid and wastes will accumulate in the body and induce many symptoms, and swelling is one of them.

For people with swelling, i suggest you not to take strenuous exercise and don't be too tired. Take care not to drink too much water and pay attention to your daily diet, which would prevent the deterioration of your kidney problem to a certain degree. To help you take better care of your kidney, you should make a fit diet plan according to your own condition. If you need any help in making it, you can consult your nutritionist or our online doctor, all of them can provide suitable advice for you.

In one word, stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease with swelling can be cured with the kidney function improved, so the key point is to find a proper treatment. Here i recommend you to take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is the most effective therapy for the treatment of kidney disease.

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