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Is Kidney Biopsy the Necessary Test to Diagnosis the Kidney Disease

2015-05-25 16:30

Is Kidney Biopsy the Necessary Test to Diagnosis the Kidney DiseaseIs Kidney biopsy the necessary test to diagnosis the kidney disease ? During the process of kidney biopsy a needle is inserted into the kidney and a tiny amount of tissue is examined. Kidney biopsy is the most accurate test to confirm the diagnosis of many kidney diseases. However, it may make further damage to the kidneys, even induce infection and other complications, so some people want to avoid it.

Is kidney biopsy the necessary test ti diagnosis the kidney disease ?

In fact, for people don't want to do kidney biopsy, there still has another test which has the same effect with kidney biopsy. It is Renal Damage, it can detect the damaged part of kidney and its damage degree. In that case, people don't have to do kidney biopsy, which can reduce the artificial damage. Renal Damage can help doctor diagnose the damage degree of kidneys accurately and guide the use of clinical medications. Renal Damage Test includes urine total protein, microalbuminuria, urine immune globulin G (U-IgG), urine osmotic pressure and so on.

From the above we know that kidney biopsy is not the necessary test for kidney disease, Renal Damage Test is the good alternative test of it.

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