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My father’s Creatinine Level Up to 3.3 What will be the Good Suggestions

2015-05-28 17:18

My father’s creatinine level has up to 3.3 what will be the good suggestions ? In fact, for patients whose creatinine level has up to 3.3 the most important thing should be take actions to delay or stop the progression of this disease. In the following i will give you some suggestions from three aspects, they are diet, living habit and treatment.

What are the good suggestions for patient with creatinine 3.3 ?

Keep a fit diet

Diet plays an important role in treating kidney disease, fit diet can lower the burdens of kidneys and increase the curative effect. But you know different patient has different symptoms, so they should make different diet plan according to their own condition.

Keep a healthy living habit

Do mild sports are helpful for enhancing the immunity but the strenuous ones are not good for the patient’s healthy. Form a healthy living habit, keep away from alcohol and cigarette, never stay too late at night, all those habits will help you live better.

Take systematic treatments rather than single treatment

For the treatment of kidney disease, no matter single Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine, can not get the ideal effect. Only when the two kinds of treatments combined together that will got curative effect. So as a kidney disease patient you should take systematic treatments rather than single treatment to cure your disease.

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