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Is GFR of 43 Dangerous to People with Kidney Disease

2015-08-15 11:36

Kidney Disease basics,GFR of 43,Kidney Disease“Is a GFR of 43 dangerous to me, i am a chronic kidney disease patient and 44 years old.” As we all know kidneys have strong compensatory, so for some of the people with GFR 43 they may also can live without any obvious symptoms. Then is GFR of 43 dangerous to kidney disease patient ? Do they need to take treatment right now ?

Is a GFR of 43 dangerous to kidney disease patient ?

GFR of 43 means there are just left 43% kidneys can work normally, and according to this number we can know that this disease now is in stage 3 which is a vital stage. In this stage, most of the symptoms begin to appear and people have to suffer more and more pain.

However, with good control this disease can be reversed after a period of treatment, if left untreated, this disease may goes worse and loose control, then people have to face dialysis or transplant.

Do people with GFR of 43 need to take treatment right now ?

For this question, the answer is yes, even for this part of people who have no obvious symptoms. That is because those symptoms appeared in this stage or earlier will speed up the progression of this disease, thus make further damage to the kidneys. In this bad circulation, this disease will lose control and fall into End Stage Renal Disease in a short time.

So from the above we know that GFR of 43 is not very dangerous to people with chronic kidney disease, but people also should take actions right now to prevent this disease goes worse. With early and fit treatment, GFR 43 can be improved to some degree.

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