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ACER and ARB for the Treatment of Kidney Disease

2017-01-09 17:05

In clinic, ACER and ARB are the common drugs for the treatment of kidney disease, but few people know how they are work, in the following i will tell you something about it, hoping that can help you.

ACEI can inhibit the produce of Angiotensin, induce efferent artery expansion and inferent artery expansion, the efferent artery expansion is more obvious. So once the pressure and filtration pressure in the glomeruli down to lower level, while the blood flow volume increase to high level, the GFR will decline mildly(50%-15%). So ACEI can correct the “three highs” in glomeruli.

ACER II(ARB) also have the similar functions as ACER, and it has less effect on GFR. Due to the decline of effective filtration pressure of glomeruli, the contraction function of ACER II to mesangial cell are blocked, and the membrane permeability of glomerular filtration got improved, so ACER and ARB are helpful for decreasing the proteinuria. ACER and ARB have obvious effect in decreasing the proteinuria and postponing the decline of kidney function in stage 3 and stage 4 of DN, no matter the patients have high blood pressure or not. Besides that, Enalapril(5-20mg), Benazepril(5-20mg) and Losartan(50-100mg) also can be used to decrease proteinuria, the patient just need to take one time of them for per day.

During the medication, the patients should be caution of Hyperkalemia and kidney function decline, especially when those risk factors, such as renal artery stenosis(especially bilateral renal artery stenosis or isolated renal artery stenosis) and Lack of effective blood volume(long-term or large doses application of diuretic)exists.

At the beginning of 1 to 2 weeks of medication, the patients should check their kidney function timely. If you have more questions about the treatment of kidney disease, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

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