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What Should Patient Do to Control Stage 4 Kidney Disease

2017-01-24 16:31

Stage 4 kidney disease is a relatively serious illness. Once the patient is diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease, they will end up with kidney transplant or years of dialysis if no effective treatment is given.

What should patient do to control stage 4 kidney disease?

Stage 4 kidney disease is marked by moderated decrease of kidney function. For patient who are in this situation, about three-quarters of their kidney tissues have been severely injured. If the patient cannot protect the kidney tissues properly, the Kidney function will keep declining. Therefore, protecting residual kidney tissues from being damaged is very important. To achieve this goal, many drugs like ACE inhibitors and ARBs can be used to control blood pressure and proteinuria. This is very helpful, but not enough. To receive satisfactory effective, stage 4 kidney disease patients also need to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells on the premise of protecting residual kidney tissues.

What treatment is effective for treating stage 4 kidney disease?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for repairing the injured kidney cells. It is a herbal treatment, herbs in this treatment have been proven to be able to activate injured kidney cells and help them to function again. This treatment has been used to treat kidney disease patients from more than 60 countries. Therefore, if your kidney function still keeps decreasing, you can try it.

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