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Can Chronic Kidney Patients with High Creatinine Avoid Taking Hormone

2017-02-20 21:34

Recently, one of readers consulted our hospital a question that has puzzled him a lot,he asserted that since been diagnosed chronic kidney disease from local hospital five months ago,he is exposed to taking hormone drugs in order to alleviate increasing lift creatinine level,which brings a negative impact on his normal daily life. Not only will hormone let people become fat,but also do harm to patients emotion side. Given all this ,as a experienced doctor working in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for almost five years,i am in duty bond to help patients with the same condition to avoid taking hormone.

To begin with,as we all know,chronic kidney disease is the most common kidney disease happened in current society. The reason is that with the increasingly improved substance living standard,people are more likely to concern three meals a day. It is the overmuch intake substance that gives rise to possibility of destroy oxidase which plays a indispensable role in building a immune balance of our body system operation. Generally speaking,it presents as a decline of antioxdative competence,then effects kidney function.

As a matter a fact,doctors from majority western countries often suggest patients to take hormone drugs, so as to repair illness. While in China, a time-honored country,we have a unique traditional Chinese therapy for fixing kidney disease people without taking hormone even if dialysis. Because of its less side effects ,it is acquainted with a great number Chinese with various kidney disease. For instance,Chinese traditional medicine contain:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Foot Bath ,Immunotherapy. If you are interested in further content about our treatments,it is convenient for you to contact us by sending us an email.we will spare no effort to help you. Our email:

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