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Is There Any Treatment Aside From Dialysis

2017-02-20 21:28

“My father in law is 56 years old and he has diagnosed with kidney disease three months ago, since each index under abnormal level is start to go up gradually, his doctor suggested him to accept dialysis. The fist time when my father in law accepted once dialysis, a lot of syndromes appear suddenly. Given all these factors, my father is afraid of going to dialysis one more time. Therefore, we all eager to know is there any treatment aside from dialysis.” Said from Jessica, an American person. I believe that not only he,but also a great number of people are facing the same issue helplessly. The answer is yes. In the following content, i will explain to you clearly.

As we all know, except kidney transplant, dialysis is the last way we can attempt to fix our kidney disease. It is just a external method helping damaged kidney renew to operate. The reason why dialysis is fail to repair kidney function is that poisonous and harmful substances are not eliminated from blood circulation. While in China, we adopt Chinese traditional medicine to treat kidney disease and it has widely operated in most of hospitals precisely. Moxibustion is a Chinese therapy without using medicines. As far as Traditional Chinese Medicine concerned, our body is full of acpoints and these acpoints connect to every apparatuses. Therefore, Moxibustion contributes to improve internal environment,then benefit to fix kidney function naturally.Chinese traditional medicine contain:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Foot Bath ,Immunotherapy.

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