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Is Blood in Urine a Sign of CKD

2017-03-04 17:13

Is Blood in Urine a Sign of CKDMany CKD patients will have blood in urine. So, is blood in urine a sign of CKD?

Why does blood appear in the urine of CKD patients?

For CKD patients, their kidneys can not eliminate the harmful things and protect the red cell from leaking. Therefore, the red cells will be found in urine. Moreover, the undesired things will injure the urinary channel. Then the blood which comes from the damaged urinary tract will leave the body with urine.

What does blood in urine mean?

If one has blood in urine, it shows us he has trouble in body health. The seasons which lead to blood in urine are kidney damage, infection, bleeding of urinary tract and so on. In fact, the blood in urine arises as the red cells in the urine are more than the normal level.

The main measure of CKD is the creatinine level. Properly speaking, whether it is CKD or not depends on the renal function. Patients with blood in urine need to take blood text, urine text, kidney function text, etc. So that, they can make sure which disease they are ill with and be treated timely.

What should we do if we are diagnosed as CKD?

Firstly, don’t worry. And then, please look for an effective treatment and accept it while keeping the good mood.

Toxin-Removing Therapy is a better way to treat CKD patients with blood in urine. It makes use of special herbs which are selected up in term of the traditional Chinese medicine and patients’ illness conditions to exclude the undesired matters in the body. And thus, the renal function will be impaired in the surrounding. According to the clinical researches, it has a great effect of the intractable swelling and refractory proteinuria. It is a safe treatment to help patients.

How can I take the treatment? Can I accept the therapy in my country? How can I go to your hospital? What is the therapy cost? How long need I be in the treatment?

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