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How to Remedy Edema for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

2017-05-22 11:36

How to Remedy Edema for Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsEdema, a common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), can lead to weakness, hardly movement, breath difficulty and other sufferings. So that, the chronic kidney disease patients wonder how to remedy edema.

CKD often occurs as the kidney is damaged bit by bit for many years. That is to say, the kidney is unable to eject the excess water, toxins and wastes from body, which may lead to itching skin, back pain, anemia and other symptoms. As a matter of fact, when the redundant fluid is assembled in the cell spaces, the edema will come out.

So, what are treatments to alleviate edema?

In many country, the hormone will be used to reduce edema. But the hormone can cause fat, moon face, endocrine system problems and so on. What is more, only if the damaged kidney can not be cured, the swelling will come back soon.

Another usual therapy to edema is dialysis. As we all know, the dialysis will lower the renal function rather than protecting the kidney from further damage. Therefore, it is not a correct way to ease edema for CKD patients.

And then, what can we do to dispel edema properly?

Toxin-Removing Therapy which have a great effect on treating edema in clinic can help the patients drive out the unwanted things from body. It will offer a salutary environment for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair the renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will enhance the immunity and improve the kidney self-cure ability by promoting the blood vessels, activate the inherent cells of the kidney, repair the damaged renal cells and tissues, etc. According to the clinical records, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has no obvious adverse reactions.

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