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Treating Constipation in End Stage Kidney Disease

2013-11-17 15:13

Treating Constipation in End Stage Kidney DiseasePeople with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESRD), who stick with kidney-friendly diet plans, may suffer from constipation easily. This is because ESRD patients should restrict their fluid intake strictly. Besides, less intake of fiber may be another cause.

If you are experiencing this problem, several methods may be helpful. Read on to find out them by yourself.


In our daily life, laxatives are often used to deal with constipation, and most patients can get relief with the help of these medications. However, for people with ESRD, they can’t eat laxatives blindly, since kidneys can’t filter out waste products of laxative decomposition effectively. From this point, you had better consult your family doctor or online doctor to determine which type of laxative you can take.

Drink enough water as much as doctors suggest

With end stage kidney disease, extra fluid intake can increase the burden on kidneys, while lack of fluid can also cause some other problems. Among them, constipation is just one, so kidney patients should drink correct amount of water or vegetable and fruit juice every day. Additionally, limiting sodium intake is also necessary.

Add fiber to your diet plan gradually

Fiber is one nutrition that can help alleviate constipation largely. Besides, it may also benefit these patients a lot, including:

- Keep gastrointestinal function healthy

- Increase urine output

- Help control blood glucose and cholesterol

- Prompt regularity

For ESRD patients, apple, blackberries, broccoli, cherries, carrots, celery, blackberries, etc, are good sources of fiber. However, not all patients can consume them freely, so you need to communicate with doctors firstly.

What’s more, regular exercise, drinking some herbal teas and taking a massage may also be helpful. You can choose some of them as you like.

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