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How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helps CKD Avoid Dialysis

2017-07-05 15:44

How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helps CKD Avoid Dialysis“Hello, sir. The purpose of writing this mail to you is that my uncle is suffering from CKD and that the doctor has recommended for the dialysis. Sir, I came to know about the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. So, I want you to tell me about the conditions on which a person could have the treatment. Optimistically waiting for your reply. Thanking you in advance.”

In recent days, I have received many message in which the patients ask Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Here I will show you how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps CKD patients to avoid dialysis.

When the kidney is injured, the patients can take the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair the diseased but not necrotic cells of the kidney. What is more, it can help the dialysis patients alleviate the poisonous symptoms.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, the herbs used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will be elected up depending on the patients’ correct physical situations so as to the patients can accept a better curative actions. Also, the herbs will be ground into powder before they are collected into the two medical bags which will be put at the patients’ Shenshu area for the sake of the higher use ratio. As the effective substances of the two medicine bags are permeating into the body by a treatment machine, the blood vessels will be dilated, the blood stasis will be dispelled and the blood circulation will be accelerated. On this occasion, the kidney self-healing ability will be improved.

In addition to, the patients will also take the Toxin-Removing Therapy in combination with the treatment to clean away various toxins and wastes from body. It is owing to the gathered unwanted matters not only injure the cells and tissues of the kidney, but also decrease the effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other remedies.

When the kidney is restored, the symptoms will be disappeared, and the patients can live a better life.

Are you interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Do you want to avoid dialysis? Please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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