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Is There Any Way to Save the Failed Kidney for CKD Patients

2017-07-31 15:43

Is There Any Way to Save the Failed Kidney for CKD PatientsThe CKD patients with failed kidney will be ill with edema, back pain, poor appetite, proteinuria, blood urine and other discomforts as more and more unwanted things are gathered in the body. While, is there any way to save the failed kidney for CKD patients?

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) refers to a medical situation in which the kidney is damaged gradually for years owing to the high blood pressure, diabetes, bad environment and other factors. Once the kidney is injured, some necessary things will be leakage and the undesired matters will be left in the body. In another world, the balance of the internal surrounding will be broken out. So that, the patients are eager to be cure the failed kidney.

Kidney transplant and dialysis are the widely used ways to rescue the CKD patients in clinic. Nevertheless, dialysis is not a proper method to CKD patients as it will damage the cells and tissues of the kidney while removing the poisons from the blood by a treatment machine. Moreover, the dialysis patients will undergo much side effects. Worse still, the patients have to been on dialysis for a long time in order to wait the healthy and suitable kidney from the donor. These are reason why the patients long for another treatments to recover the diseased kidney.

In China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a traditional Chinese Medicine, in which there are super herbs contained will be applied to the patients. Furthermore, Toxin-Removing Therapy will work together with it for the sake of providing a natural and comfortable effect on relieving the symptoms and repairing the renal function well.

Additionally, other natural treatments like Hot Compress Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Immunotherapy and Moxibustion Therapy also have a good action on rebuilding the renal function and restoring the impaired kidney.

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