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What are the Treatments and Good Diet Plan to Stage 3 CKD

2017-10-10 15:09

What are the Treatments and Good Diet Plan to Stage 3 CKDWhat are the treatments for stage 3 CKD? Will a CKD Patient be eligible for a kidney transplant? Where can I find a good diet plan to help slow the progress?

The full name of CKD is Chronic Kidney Disease in which state the kidneys are damaged days by days for many years. And the patients who are in stage 3 CKD are in a key time to recover the damaged kidney naturally. In another word, the patients should take valid treatments as soon as possible, otherwise, the patients will go into the dialysis stage.

As for the diet plan which is considered as a basic of the whole treatment for stage 3 CKD, it is able to help the patients maintain the illness situations to some degrees, but it do not repair the damaged kidneys. On the average, the patients should take the low-salt, low-fat and low high-quality protein diets. Since the diets will be altered according to the patients’ specific illness conditions. So that, please contact the Online Doctor for a detailed list of diet plan.

Talking of the treatment to stage 3 CKD, there are Western treatment such as hormonotherapy, dialysis, kidney transplant and other symptomatic treatments and Chinese treatment containing Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Herbal Medicine, Medicated Bath and other natural therapies.

As a matter of fact, kidney transplant is not need in stage 3 CKD since the patients usually do not suffer from complications having risk for life. Generally speaking, kidney transplant is an organ transplant of an healthy kidney into the patients in End Stage Renal Disease (stage 5 CKD). Aside from kidney transplant, other Western medicines can not strengthen kidney functions. Since, these remedies can bring out a series of side effects, more and more patients want to find out a solution in Chinese medicine which is evolved for diagnosing, treating and preventing illnesses from root cause naturally.

With the adoption of these Chinese medicine, the creatinine level will be reduced, the symptoms will be eased, and the patients can live a normal life. At that time, dialysis or kidney transplant is not in need.

If you are interested in the diets and treatments to stage 3 CKD, please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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