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Is There Still Changes to Reverse Function in CKD and S.Creatinine 7.57

2017-11-16 15:31

Is There Still Changes to Reverse Function in CKD and S.Creatinine 7.57CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) appears among so many people because of the unhealthy diets and lifestyle. When it develops into the end stage, dialysis and transplantation are required. While, is there still changes to reverse function in CKD and s.creatinine 7.57?

What does s.creatinine 7.57 means for CKD patients?

Some patients has not recognized the seriousness of the present situation in which serum creatinine, or s.creatinine, is reached 7.57 as they do not have so much illnesses. In the meanwhile, other patients have a strong wish of refusing dialysis in the same case. That is because creatinine 7.57 not only indicate the kidney is damaged seriously and various poisons are built up into the body, but also shows many illnesses occur and that diets need to be changed. If the patients still do not take care of themselves well, the illness condition will worsened fast and they can not avoid dialysis.

How to improve kidney function for CKD patients with creatinine 7.57?

Oral Chinese Medicine is a good option to help the patients improve kidney self-healing ability and immunity without any obvious adverse reactions. In the course of this treatment, special Chinese herbs will be boiled into soup on the basis of the patients’ illness conditions. By this theory, it derives Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy and other external application treatments.

Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other natural treatments referring to Hot Compress Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Acupuncture and so on can also play a remarkable role in treating CKD patients with creatinine 7.57.

Additionally, Toxin-Removing Therapy will be adopted as an assistance for the sake of remedying the patients better through offering a rewarding surrounding. What is more, Toxin-Removing Therapy can stop the kidney further damage and alleviate some symptoms fundamentally. As a result, kidney function is imrpoved, the creatinine 7.57 is lowered, and the patients can live a better life without dialysis.

Do you suffer from CKD associated with serum creatinine 7.57? Are you interested in the natural treatments to resume kidney function? Do you want to avoid dialysis? If so, please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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