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Whether Proteinuria in Stage 3 of CKD is fully curable

2018-04-30 14:57

Whether Proteinuria in Stage 3 of CKD is fully curableWhere proteinuria in stage 3 of CKD is fully curable?” Many patients have the similar problem as they suffer from the recurrent proteinuria for a long time. You can gain some related information here.

What is CKD?

CKD is the short name of chronic kidney disease, which can be caused by so many reasons including high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, medicine abuse and so on. Besides, the patients need a long time of recovery once CKD appears.

Why are CKD patients troubled by proteinuria?

Proteinuria stands for there are exceeded protein in the urine, performing as small and unperishable bubbles in urine.

In the situation of CKD, some nephrons have lost their activities to filter the harmful things from the blood and protect the necessary substances in the body as it should do. As a result, the protein will be leaked into urine.

How to treat the proteinuria for the patients who are in stage 3 CKD?

Aside from the well-know treatments - Immunosuppressant and hormone, the patients can also take ACEI and ARB to reduce the protein leakage to some extend.

You know, both these treatments are not good enough to stop the kidney impairment, let alone repair the diseased kidneys. This also explains why proteinuria is easy to come back or even do not disappear.

For this case, what can we do?

Patients with stage 3 CKD need the effective treatments. And if they can adopt the therapy in time, there are still chances to reverse the illness, but not a completely cure since a part of renal cells are died. If you have not find a good one, you can try Toxin-Removing Therapy. It have been proven great effects in dispelling the proteinuria and improving kidney conditions successfully and safely. Also the diet control is important. For a personal dietary plan freely, welcome to chat with Our Online Doctor.

If you are interested in the natural treatments to proteinuria in stage 3 CKD, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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