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Blood Purification Can Treat the Chronic Renal Failure

2018-06-16 14:04

The chronic renal failure refers to the part renal function or whole renal function loss caused by the progress of all kinds of chronic renal disease. For the renal function loss the kidney can not work normally to discharge the metabolic products and wastes in body ,then lead to the accumulation of metabolic products and wastes in body and produce the toxins to affect the physiological activity of body, the patients will have a series of health problems. Then the patients need some timely treatment to eliminate the toxins out of body. What is the effective treatment to help patients get better effect soon?

The Blood Purification Technology , as the name shows it is the technology to purify the blood. It can remove all kinds of toxins of chronic renal patients out of body with the different treatment methods, with the high selectivity to spare the plasma and red blood cells in great extent. Besides it can also provide the supplement nutrients to patients and restore the original hematopoietic function and blood circulation function. Then it can reach the treatment of chronic renal failure.

The Blood Purification Technology includes six steps as following: hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange and immune absorption , every step will has its own special function and effect, doctors can adopt the corresponding treatment according to the patient’s condition and try to change the condition effectively.

The hemodialysis can help patients remove the small molecule toxins in body, such as creatinine , nitrogen of urea, electrolytes , water, sugar, it is very effective to improve the symptoms caused by high creatinine level, high nitrogen of urea, diabetic, but may be produce some side effects.

The Hemofiltration can clean the middle molecule substance , such as bilirubin, vitamin, chemical substance etc.

Hemodiafiltration can help patients discharge the middle and small molecule substance through dispersion and convection patterns, such as cytokine inflammation mediators , inflammation factors etc.

Hemoperfusion can treat the poisoning caused by drug and toxins effectively ,clean the small molecule toxins in body.

Plasma exchange is suitable to self-immune disease, such as renal failure caused by IgA nephropathy, FSGS, lupus nephropathy, metabolic acidosis etc.

Immune absorption can clean the causative factor in patient’s blood ,such as large molecule substance and immune complex etc. it can reach the result of purifying the blood and relieving the condition.

This kind of treatment can apply to the chronic renal failure, severe edema and heart failure, psychoneurosis and obvious digestive tract symptom caused by nitrogen of urea≥28.6mmol/L ,serum creatinine≥707.2ummol/L, hyperpotassemia, severe metabolic acidosis ,water-sodium retention .

The blood purification technology is the innovative treatment method to treat chronic renal failure, compared to the traditional dialysis, have good effect and little side effect and obtain the favorable clinic treatment effect, and if you are interested in this new technology please contact us through the following message:


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