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What Is the Plasma Exchange Treatment

2018-06-20 09:03

Many diseases are caused by the special morbid substance produced in body and especially in blood , such as antibody DNA which can cause the systemic lupus erythematosus, antibody of glomerular basement membrane can cause acute glomerular nephritis ,immune globulin M can cause hyperviscosity syndrome ,some medicines can cause the poisoning. If you can discharge the morbid substance effectively and quickly, then the condition can be controlled right away. The plasma exchange is the good treatment method to patients.

As we all know the blood is composed of plasma and red blood cells. The plasma include large quantity substance of ingredient, such as immune globulin, fat protein, blood coagulation factor, albumin ,micro-molecule polypeptide and all kinds of ions, their relative density and relative molecular property is different, if you adopt the Mode filter or other methods to separate the red blood cells from plasma, then remove the morbid substance from the plasma and at the same time the red blood cells are rejected into body and replenish the plasma or plasma substitutes for the normal consumption of body. Then that can reach the treatment aim through removing the morbid substance from the plasma non-specifically. The method above is called the plasma replacement treatment.

With the development of plasma exchange treatment , at present according to the different treatment the plasma can be divided into many kinds of subcomponents and that is more convenient to remove the morbid substance, that is a special kind of selective elimination. So-called Mode filter is referring to withdraw the blood out of body and make them through the special plasma membrane, the hole diameter of membrane can be adjusted to separate the all kinds of protein and solute which relative molecular property is lower than protein, and the whole red blood cells are blocked through the membrane. More importance to you, the plasma exchange treatment has special treatment effect, but it is only a kind of assistant treatment . In clinic treatment it must accompany the natural treatment to reach the most great treatment effect.

In fact to treat the kidney disease radically the Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine mainly adopt the immunotherapy that include immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blockage, immune tolerance, immune adjustment and immune protection, that method can help you improve your kidney function and strengthen your immune system. If you are interested in out hospital’s immunotherapy please contact us through the following message and we will do our best to help you.


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