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The Reasonable Treatment For Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy

2018-07-11 09:49

Diabetes treatment

1, dietary guidance

Dietary control is the basic treatment for diabetes, especially for type 2 diabetes. A reasonable diet helps to lose weight, control blood sugar and prevent hypoglycemia, and improve lipid metabolism and hypertension. Patient should know how to calculate the amount of food according to their own weight, height, gender, exercise capacity, etc. to ensure reasonable nutrition, strict control of sweets, eat more vegetables such as vegetables, celery, etc. to avoid eating high-cholesterol food, according to blood glucose Diabetes diet.

2, sports instruction

"Rest breeds rust" Everyone needs exercise. Apart from the use of drugs and dietary therapy, exercise is also very important. First, it can increase the sensitivity of insulin, improve blood sugar control, and then accelerate the decomposition of fat, reduce weight and improve lipid metabolism. Benefits Preventing diabetic cardiovascular complications can ultimately increase physical and immune function as well as relieve patient stress and tension. Diabetes movement should vary from person to person, appropriate, step by step, perseverance, aerobic exercise, medical walking is the best way. Young, good physical fitness can be running, swimming, climbing, playing, cycling, etc. The elderly and the infirm can play tai chi or walk slowly. The exercise time is 20-60 minutes, 3-5 times a week, the best exercise Choose to do it about 1 hour after the meal, go out to carry candy, so as to avoid standby for hypoglycemia.

Diabetic Nephropathy

3, medication guidance

Explain the dosage and usage of the medicine and the possible adverse reactions after the medicine, and introduce the different types of pre-meal consumption of hypoglycemic agents. The combination medicine should be used with caution. Patients with insulin therapy should be told that the amount of insulin taken must be accurate and should be injected half an hour before meals and must be eaten on time. Understand the type, role, characteristics, storage methods, injection methods and adverse reactions of insulin. Both oral hypoglycaemic agents and insulin injections should be monitored regularly for blood glucose, and doctors should adjust the drug dose based on the blood glucose level.

Chinese medicine treatment of Kidney Insufficiency disease mainly has the following four points need attention

Have a regular lifestyle. Patients with chronic nephritis should develop regular lifestyle habits, which is conducive to rehabilitation. Should stay in bed, less activity, and maintain indoor air circulation to prevent infectious diseases such as colds. Should pay attention to the amount of urine, edema, body weight, body temperature, pulse changes, abnormal treatment in a timely manner. Headache, dizziness, blood pressure should be measured, and observe the changes. If blood pressure rises, oral antihypertensive drugs may be taken. Take a rest and do not be anxious to prevent worsening of the condition.

Moderate exercise. In daily life, many patients think that if they have the disease, they do not need to exercise. Just make adjustments. This is not possible. During the treatment, the patient must pay attention to work and rest. Adequate rest and attention should be paid to participating in physical exercise to improve the body's immune resistance. However, it should not be done. Strenuous exercise, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Pay attention to the spirit of care. Since the patient suffers certain pain during the course of treatment, when treating patients with kidney disease, they should also pay attention to the spirit of nursery. The patients often have varying degrees of mental depression, tension and some negative emotions. The nursing staff should maintain an optimistic and open-minded attitude, establish confidence, and face the disease and treatment with a positive attitude.

Patients with kidney disease keep warm and beware of colds. In the treatment process, the patient is the most taboo is a cold, because the patient suffering from a cold may increase the condition of kidney disease. Therefore, patients should pay attention to changes in temperature, increase or decrease clothing properly, and actively participate in moderate physical exercise to increase autoimmune resistance.

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