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The Effective Treatment To Deal With the Nephritis

2018-07-30 09:13

As the Internation Kidney Hospital in China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has accepted many foreign kidney patients to help them get better with the special natural treatment.The treatment of our hospital is summarized in one sentence: “Clean tonic therapy.”

Detoxification therapy is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is a valuable cultural treasure left by Chinese sages to Chinese medicine. The earliest discussion on the removal of toxins in China, due to the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” 2600 years ago, the written records were first seen in the warring state period and the Warring States Period 2400 years ago.The book was finished in the Western Han Dynasty before 2000.

The most important feature of this therapy is the use of traditional Chinese medicine to effectively remove a large amount of toxins accumulated in kidney patients through the size of the two stools and skin sweat glands. Create a good environment and conditions for the recovery of kidney disease patients and the role of other drugs.

This therapy is an effective method for treating kidney disease by nearly 100 Chinese medicine experts in our hospital using decades of experience and theory of kidney treatment.

The theoretical basis of this method is:

The fundamental problem of chronic kidney disease is blood contamination in patients. The clinical symptoms of all kidney diseases are caused by different levels of blood pollution in patients.

To this end, our hospital experts have made a conclusion: Chronic kidney disease is actually a special group of blood diseases. That is to say, the treatment of chronic kidney disease is to effectively detect and eliminate blood pollution in patients.

As long as the toxic and harmful substances in the blood of the patient can be removed by an effective method or a drug, the blood in the patient’s body can be cleaned, and the blood in the circulation is guaranteed to be normal. Chronic kidney disease will certainly be relieved or healed.

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