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The Principle of TCM To Treat Kidney Insufficiency

2018-07-30 09:42

Kidney qi deficiency syndrome in patients with kidney insufficiency

When someone has kidney insufficiency there are some discomforts occur to them,such as swellings,back pain and other symptoms.the common clinical manifestations such as shortness of breath, insufficient breath, shortness of breath in movement, etc.

” the kidney governs water, and those who suffer from overexertion are weak in kidney qi and cannot maintain the water. Therefore, after urinating, the water will not stop but drain. ” ” Internal lesion caused by overexertion hurts the kidney, kidney qi deficiency and cold. Kidney governs water and begins to drain it in yin, yin is the way of urine, cell is cold and kidney is damaged, so urine is white and muddy. ” ” the main bone marrow is stored in the kidney, and deficiency of kidney qi is weak, so there is less semen. ” ” the kidney deficiency due to internal lesion caused by overexertion and it cannot store the essence, so semen comes out due to urination. ”

The kidney opens to the two yin. It can be seen that the kidney not only governs urination, but also the stool . kidney essence is more important in astringent, and those who often want to gasify the bladder are also” ( re – ordering Yan Shi Ji sheng Fang ). “deficiency kidney is not able to make water fluid, so urinate immediate after drink. ” ” urine is white and numerous, nocturia is numerous, urine is numerous, urine is impassable, urine is difficult, enuresis and bed wetting are caused by kidney deficiency. ” ( on the causes of various diseases and signs ) the kidney does not accept the qi. the lung is the main source of qi. the breathing of the lung must be maintained to a certain depth and depends on the effect of the kidney on the absorption of qi.In order to prevent superficial respiration, kidney is called the root of qi. Under the physiological state, the respiratory function of the lung and the air intake function of the kidney are coordinated, so that the breathing is unobstructed.The Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy can help patients keep good health and seldom relapse again,that is the most advantage of TCM, that is different from Western medicine,if you want to know more detailed information about TCM,please contact us through following message:


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