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The Treatment Of Nephritis Is Important To Patients

2018-10-31 10:13

To most patients nephritis is a common disease, but the reasons of nephritis are different to different persons.that should be verified through the different tests of your urine and blood.If your urine routine examination reveals a lot of white blood cells, but not much protein, and there is also the problem of frequent urination and micturition, it should be a bacterial infection of urinary tract, possibly urinary tract, bladder or renal pelvis. It should not hurt the essence of kidney, because there is no abnormal protein problem, your attending doctor will surely prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to you. You can take them according to the medicine prescribed by your doctor, clear the bacteria completely, and check them over a period of time. If all the indicators are found to be normal, this infection will be completely cured.

But when you have some edema in your legs in the morning,the most common cause of edema is glomerulonephritis, which is related to immune disorders and the impaired filtration function of the kidney. Therefore, the main problem in urine testing is proteinuria, that is, proteins that should not appear in the urine, and people will also suffer from edema, and the main edema will be on the eyelids, which is caused by the loss of protein in the body and the decrease of blood osmotic pressure.

To most person the glomerulonephritis is the early stage of kidney disease and they often ignore the treatment ,for they have almost no any discomforts ,but they don’t know that if glomerulonephritis is not treated in time, it will damage the kidney. Many renal failure and uremia begin with glomerulonephritis. If it is not treated in time, it may even require renal transplant .

Before the onset of glomerulonephritis, most people had pharyngitis and tonsillitis 2 - 3 weeks inadvance, and 90 % of the patients had edema, mainly from the morning, with edema extending to the whole body, even hydrothorax and ascites, and urine tests showed proteinuria.that means the kidney function has been damaged badly,if no reasonable treatment to help you then your condition will deteriorate.As a kidney doctor i think there are more effective treatment to help you,then please contact us through the following:


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