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Some TCM Treatment Can Help Kidney Patients Get Better

2018-11-02 09:52

Nowadays more and more kidney patients are interested in TCM for after the western medicine treatment their kidney function can not be improved ,then they want to know what are the traditional Chinese medicine treatments for chronic nephritis.

In the treatment of chronic nephritis, there are two treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Chinese medicine has its own unique features in the treatment of chronic nephritis. Let’s take a look at the specific treatment.

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic nephritis emphasizes on grasping the patient’s physical condition as a whole, focusing on regulating the operation of human organs and removing urine protein according to the principle of five elements of human body.

Pharmacological studies have proved that many traditional Chinese medicines such as Cordyceps, Serissa japonica, Radix Astragali, etc. have the functions of improving cellular immunity and humoral immunity and improving renal function.

Clinical verification: Heat – clearing and antidote such as diltiazem can inhibit the formation of immune complex and glomerular fibrosis. During the application of hormones and immunosuppressants, patients often suffer from immune dysfunction, decreased resistance, repeated illness, gastrointestinal reactions and bone marrow suppression. Clinical application of traditional Chinese medicines for invigorating spleen and kidney and warming kidney yang can eliminate toxic and side effects of hormones and immunosuppressants, regulate immune function and solve the problem of hormone rebound.

If the symptoms of chronic nephritis are not too severe, it is recommended to adopt the treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine to improve the balance of body constitution by repairing damaged cells, thus enhancing the immunity of human body.

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment for chronic nephritis is a better choice because the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are much weaker than those of western medicine, causing less harm to the patient’s body. If it is necessary to take medicine for a long time, it should still be based on the traditional Chinese medicine treatment. You should choose an experienced doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to give prescription.

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