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Some Incorrect Measures May Cause Your Kidney Condition Deterioration

2018-11-15 10:33

Many kidney disease patients always aggravate their kidney condition after a while ,even they are accepting some western medicines,and why does chronic kidney disease get worse? You must know these mistakes as our kidney experts recommend you to know.

First point:Will kidney puncture ( renal biopsy ) aggravate the disease?

There was once a female patient with Nephrotic syndrome. After the local diagnosis, the doctor advised her to do a kidney puncture. The data checked online felt unreliable and scary, but she did not do it. After returning home from discharge, he found a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to catch the medicine and drink it, but in less than a year, his physical condition was obvious and he went to the hospital to check and it has developed into kidney failure. This is not an single case.But except the kidney puncture there is also other ways to diagnose your kidney disease,and the contact message is in the last passage.

In fact, kidney puncture is now a mature technique and has a great effect on the diagnosis of kidney disease. The pathogenesis of nephrosis is complex, such as nephrotic syndrome, which includes many diseases, such as minor diseases, membranous nephropathy, membranous proliferative Nephritis, etc. Clear diagnosis of the case type is more conducive to the treatment of the disease.

There are a few people who may have complications during kidney puncture. They can communicate their ideas with doctors in time before surgery, but they should not shy away from medicine.

Taking antihypertensive drugs is easy to become addicted. What the hell? !

Antihypertensive drugs are widely used in nephrology. Hypotensive drugs like Puli and Sartan not only have the function of lowering blood pressure, but also have the function of reducing urine protein and protecting renal function in patients with kidney disease.

Many people think that they should always take antihypertensive drugs. Do they depend on them? They stopped without authorization. Every patient who regularly reviews should know that the medicine is not taken casually but according to his illness.

If some patients are accompanied by persistent urine protein and hypertension, they need to take long-term medicine to control them in order to avoid aggravating kidney damage. It’s not what you think. You can’t get rid of it after eating it for a long time. The key still depends on the degree of recovery.

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