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Taking Some Food Can Be Beneficial To Your Kidney Condition

2018-11-16 11:58

To most kidney patients they often have edema for their poor kidney function,and they always want to know what to do for edema in urine protein patients,and our kidney experts can suggest you take some kinds of food to help you to ” improve your condition”.

For the large amount of toxins deposit in patient’s body ,it influences their kidney and liver function ,or even the internal circumstance and electrolytes disorders,that may threaten the kidney function badly to cause the severe edema and hypoproteinuria.Patients with severe edema and severe hypoproteinemia should be given 1g protein intake per kilogram of body weight per day under the condition of controlling proteinuria+ ( e.g. 50g protein intake per day for 50g patients );

Patients with mild to moderate edema should consume 0.5 to 0.6g protein per kilogram of body weight per day, while ensuring heat supply,thus can help to add more nutrition to kidneys ,thus the kidneys can be improved step by step.

01 The first food is pumpkin,for there are abundant pectin and vitamins in pumpkin,that is very beneficial to kidney patients.

Pectin and vitamins in pumpkins can help eliminate bacteria and toxins in the body, have anti-cancer effects, help restore liver and kidney functions, and enhance the regeneration ability of liver and kidney cells.

Be careful to eat less to avoid abdominal distension, and pumpkin has a slightly higher potassium content. Remember to blanch it before cook.

02 Second food is radish ,for there is much vitamin C,calcium,iron in radish.

Radish is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and other nutrients. It can be eaten cooked, eaten raw or accompanied by stews. Can assist in the treatment of some diseases, such as eliminating stagnation, eliminating phlegm and heat, detoxifying, promoting urination and smoothing qi. kidney patients can eat it stewed.

03 Third food is zucchini which is beneficial to help patient discharge more fluid out of body.

Cucurbita pepo can promote diuresis, clear heat, quench thirst and relieve restlessness, and has certain efficacy in treating edema, abdominal distension and sore poison.

Above food list can show you what should be taken in daily life to help you get better,and if you want to know more natural treatment please consult our experts through the following message:


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