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The Early Stage Of Nephropathy Treatment Can Help You Improve Condition Effectively

2018-12-05 09:23

Nowadays, kidney disease is one of the most difficult problems in medicine. Many people think that kidney disease is difficult to cure, but do you know why it is difficult to treat?Nephropathy early stage is by nephritis step by step development, especially because of the cold, drugs and other causes of acute glomerulonephritis.

Most diseases are a process from mild to severe. The fundamental reason why nephropathy is difficult to treat is that the disease was not paid attention to at the very beginning, and nephritis was allowed to develop, leading to the discovery that the kidney had been completely discarded by the time of the disease.

Therefore, it is essential to control nephropathy in the early stage of kidney disease, that is, nephritis.

Somebody can ask, nephritis stage discovers a disease very hard, do not have treatment at all, how can ability discover a disease in time?

Nephritis can occur at any age, especially in children aged 5-14.Data shows that about 90 percent of the population is under the age of 20, with more men than women.Acute nephritis often appears after infection, the respiratory tract infection above is the most common, followed by skin infection.Acute nephritis begins ill symptom basically to have: edema, hematuria, fatigue and fatigue, giddy, appetite drops, the child still can accompany the symptom such as disgusting vomiting.When the body has inflammation and companion above symptom, should beware nephritis happening.

The nephritis condition with lesser symptom is not difficult to treat commonly, it is main characteristic with infection, edema, urination is abnormal, but severe acute nephritis has the possibility that development is acute kidney failure.

Typical acute nephritis is not difficult to diagnose.Among them, (1) more than 80% of patients will be accompanied by renal edema, which is typically manifested as slight sunken edema of eyelids and lower limbs;(2) there is also abnormal urine. Almost all patients with nephritis will have glomerulogenic hematuria, and about 40% of patients can observe urine changes by naked eyes. A few patients will have urine protein, which is called foam urine.(3) there is also an obvious manifestation of hypertension, hypertension and kidney disease are generally "like shadow", all patients with kidney disease must be timely detection of hypertension, about 80% of nephritis patients have transient hypertension symptoms, a few have serious hypertension, even hypertension complications.The patient wants to know certainly: how can ability cure nephritis?Most hospitals adopt the method of "Chinese patent medicine + western medicine" for treatment, and the phenomenon of western medicine prescribing Chinese patent medicine often occurs at this time.This has disadvantages: few western medicine will go to TCM syndrome differentiation, leading to the use of proprietary Chinese medicine is not symptomatic.Therefore, its therapeutic effect only controls the development of inflammation, and the hope of eradicating inflammation is very small.In addition, the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine cannot be adjusted according to the patient's condition.The illness of nephrotic patient is very different, need one person one party, so the traditional Chinese medicine that Chinese medicine doctor makes up technically for the patient, often more effective than traditional Chinese medicine.Presumably you will have such a question, is the simple nephritis so difficult for radical cure up really ?Actually, want radical cure to be able to achieve completely as long as take seriously only rise.For example, do a good job of health care after the disease, starting from the diet.Cooperate the foundation that treats to the symptom, restrict the material such as salt, water, protein appropriately to take in, wait for nephritis phenomenon to disappear until edema, urine is abnormal, check to the hospital next, after ensuring all index is normal, restore normal life food gradually again.

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