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Dialysis Is Not The Only Way To Reduce High Creatinine Level

2018-12-03 10:24

Dialysis is a treatment that helps patients remove toxins and flush the product out of the body, lowering high creatinine levels.But does the patient want to know whether creatinine will decrease after dialysis?

Although dialysis can help patients lower their high creatinine levels, it is not the fundamental way to help patients with kidney disease.Dialysis is a kind of treatment method that eliminates the trace material such as creatinine, water and urea only, but cannot excrete large material, the result is large material can deposit in blood, continue to injure kidney cell, accordingly, the patient still can suffer from tall creatinine level after dialysis.

To ensure the effectiveness of treatment, various toxins and wastes in the blood should be removed.If too much toxin and waste cannot be excreted and continue to deposit in the blood, it will not only cause further damage to kidney function, but also affect other therapeutic effects.Therefore, before the treatment of kidney disease, we adhere to the treatment of kidney first detoxification, poison to disease self-elimination principle.

Detoxification therapy is to remove all kinds of toxins from the patient and completely expel the product from the body.

Micronization Chinese medicine osmotic therapy is an external medicine that refines huge herbs into powder.In addition, the powder is collected into two medicine bags and placed on your back for about 40-50 minutes.With the help of the osmosis machine, the active substances in the herb can penetrate directly into the kidneys.At the same time, adequate blood, oxygen and nutrients can be delivered directly to the kidneys.This therapy is designed to help patients recover kidney function, which can be reduced by a radical decrease in creatinine 8.Then to those patients with high creatinine level don’t lose hope for recovery and accepting the reasonable treatment may help them get better and better,if you have any questions about that please contact us through the following :


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