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Is Qigong Good for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

2014-01-22 02:19

Is Qigong Good for Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsIs Qigong good for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients? Qigong is a traditional Chinese physical exercises which is designed to improve health, peach of mind and vitality. In this condition, Qigong will be good for CKD patients.

Here are some benefits of Qigong for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.

1. Medical Qigong can help elevate the kidneys

For CKD patients, they will suffer from a decline of kidney function, and patients will experience some serious symptoms. Qigong can help improve the kidney function, which can help relieve the inflammation of urinary bladder, kidney stones, blood urine, proteinuria and some other symptoms.

2. Relieving back pain

Back pain is a common symptom for CKD patients when they develop into the middle stage or advanced stage of CKD, and Qigong can help relieve back pain with proper breathing practices of Qigong.

3. Improving immune system

Immune system disorder can be a common cause for CKD patients, this is why a cold or infection can easily cause the relapses of CKD. Qigong can help regulate the life energy and improve the immunity.

4. Improving sleep quality

Patients with CKD often have bad sleep at night, which will make them sicker and sicker. Qigong can help improve the sleep quality, which is helpful for patients to relieve their weakness.

Above are the common benefits of Qigong for CKD patients, besides, patients may also experience some other benefits, such as

- Improve the ability to cope with stress

- Reduce depression and anxiety

- Improve appetite and help control emotions

- Help improve the focus and concentration

As Qigong has so many benefits for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, they can try to regard Qigong as a natural adjuvant therapy for their CKD. If you want to get the detailed information of how to play Qigong, or you want to get some other informations about CKD treatment, you can contact with our experts online.

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