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How Can I Slow the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-01-29 02:05

How Can I Slow the Progression of Chronic Kidney DiseaseHow can I slow the progression of chronic kidney disease? Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common kidney disease with the kidney function damaged more and more seriously. In fact, there are many ways that can prevent or slow the progression of CKD, especially in the early stage and middle stage. Therefore, if people find their kidney disease in early stage, they’d better have prompt and effective treatments, in order to prevent the end stage kidney failure.

Here are some ways that can help slow the progression of CKD

1. Control high blood pressure

As we know, high blood pressure is one of the common leading causes of kidney disease, besides high blood pressure is also a common symptom for kidney disease patients. So controlling the high blood pressure is very important for CKD patients to slow down there progressions of kidney failure. The uncontrolled high blood pressure can also help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Usually, for CKD patients, their recommended blood pressure level is at 130/85 or lower, and if they have diabetes or proteinuria, their blood pressure level should be at 125/75 or lower. For CKD patients, they can change their lifestyle and keep a kidney-friendly diet, such as losing weight, exercising, meditating, eating less salt and drinking less alcohol. Smoking is also a risk factor which can faster the progression of kidney disease, so they should stop smoking.

2. Control high blood sugar

As diabetes is another leading cause of kidney disease, diabetes patients should firmly control their high blood sugar level, which can help them slow their progression of kidney failure. Patients can chang their diet and lifestyle to control their illness.

Some studies show that limiting protein and phosphorus in diet can help slow the progression of kidney disease. If you want to get more detailed information for lower high blood sugar, you can contact our experts online. They will answer you as soon as possible.

3. Repairing kidney damage

The basic way to slow the progression of kidney disease is to repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function. They can have some Chinese therapy, which can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and protect residual kidney function. The Chinese therapy combined traditional Chinese herbs and modern technology, which can work on kidneys directly. And the Chinese therapy can help improve the blood circulation and immunity, which can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. Through the systemic kidney treatment, patients can slow down the progression of kidney failure fundamentally.

Above are the three common ways which can help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease, and we hope all the kidney disease patients can prevent end stage kidney failure with proper methods.

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