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Treatment of Low hemoglobin for Kidney Disease Patients

2014-02-11 06:26

Treatment of Low hemoglobin for Kidney Disease PatientsThere are many people need low hemoglobin treatment, because of their low levels of hemoglobin in their blood vessels. Especially for kidney disease patients, low hemoglobin level is often a common symptom for them. Sice hemoglobin help transport oxygen to various parts of the body, so they are important for the overall health of the body.

Why does kidney disease patients have low hemoglobin level?

- Kidney damage

The healthy kidneys can produce a hormone which is called erythropoietin (epo). When the body suffer from low oxygen levels, the kidneys can get information to release epo, which will tell the bone marrow to break more red blood cells. Therefore, when the kidneys are damaged, they cant work well to produce more epo, and the red blood cells will be reduced, so patients will suffer from low hemoglobin level.

- Loss of iron intake

Iron is a common mineral which can be found in protein-rich foods, and the iron can help make hemoglobin. However, when kidney disease patients are in the early stages, they often recommend to limit their protein intake, and a major source of iron is red meat which is high quality protein and is limited by kidney disease patients.

How to treat low hemoglobin level for kidney disease patients?

The best way of treating hemoglobin is to supply enough iron in the diet, which can help build up the level of hemoglobin in blood. Patients should take a proper amount of iron intake following the advices of their doctors. Excess iron intake will also have adverse effects, so patients should be careful when they taking iron.

Besides, they can also take some medicines which can help produce hemoglobin or red blood cells. They should also first ask the advices of their doctors. In some severe cases, they may need to have immediate blood transfusion.

In addition, for kidney disease patients, their low hemoglobin level is mainly caused by their kidney damage, so they need to have effective treatments to repair their damaged kidney tissues and improve their kidney function. In this condition, the low hemoglobin can be increased normally.

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