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Chinese Hot Compress Therapy for Stage 3B CKD

2014-02-15 02:36

Chinese Hot Compress Therapy for Stage 3B CKDAs we know, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common disease among people nowadays, and depending on the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), CKD can be divided 5 stages with the the kidney function gradually reduced. And stage 3 CKD can be divided into two parts, stage 3A and stage 3B. In this article, we will introduce the Chinese hot compress therapy for stage 3B CKD.

In stage 3B CKD, the GFR is 30-44 ml/min/1.73m2, which means the kidneys have been damaged moderately. In fact, stage 3B CKD is the middle stage for kidney disease patients, if they have effective treatments, they can get well into stage 3A or stage 2 or even better. However, if they don’t have proper treatment, the illness condition can be worsen quickly, they may quickly get into stage 4 CKD or even stge 5 CKD (end stage CKD), this will make people more and more sick and cause serious symptoms and complications.

Chinese hot compress therapy is a featured therapy in our hospital, which has been used to treat kidney disease patients from more than 64 different countries. And hot compress therapy will be beneficial for stage 3B CKD patients. Here are some benefits for CKD stage 3B patients to improve their illness condition.

1. Expand the blood vessels

Hot compress therapy uses the traditional Chinese herbs, which has the function of expand the blood vessels, and this can help improve the blood volume flow into kidneys. In this process, the increased blood circulation can help bring more oxygen into kidneys, which can help increase the self-healing ability of renal inherent cells and improve the kidney function.

2. Anti-inflammation

Some herbs used in hot compress therapy have the function of anti-inflammation, which can help prevent the infections and inflammations in kidneys, all these can help slow down the progression of kidney failure.

3. Repair the kidney damage

The herbs in Chinese hot compress therapy can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and protect the residual kidney function. Through a systemic treatment, the kidney function can be improved effectively. When the kidney function is improved, the serious symptoms and complications can be relieved as well.

Above are the benefits of Chinese hot compress therapy for stage 3B CKD, we hope this therapy can help treat more kidney disease patients. If you want to get more treatment information, you can send your test report to

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